Milks Audio & Copier LLC

Some of the equipment we sell

Digital mixer by Soundcraft

AKG C451B best mic I ever used

Tascam SS-CDR 250N

Shure wireless system


I have recorded all over Michigan from Traverse City to Detroit from Port Huron to Big Rapids to Grand Rapids all over Michigan.

Bands, Orchestras & Choirs for State festivals. I have recorded also Adult Bands, Choirs & Orchestras. I desire to record your groups too audio or video!

With all the things I can sell & how I desire to help people & Churches why can't I help anyone?? My heart is burdened for everyone. 

I had only 2 sales since December 2019 and things I gave away FREE to a lot

of people. But none of them will buy from me. One sale was in 12/20/2019 for a Bible study group man who wanted a computer, sound amp. for it wiring & a color printer. Than my sister needed a typewriter which I sold her 2 weeks before she died. Oh "GOD" help me I don't know what to do now!


810-247-4888 (Please leave a message)