Milks Audio & Copier LLC​ 

Servicing Copy Machines since 1966, Audio recording since 1975 & Video recording since the 2000's

I've sold & installed large screen projection, Audio recording, sound systems & 8 brands of Copy machines Toshiba, Ricoh, Canon, Sharp, Minolta, CopyStar, Konica NOW Toshiba & Kyocera the BEST ones.

Helping the church Reach the lost for "CHRIST" is our main objective NOT MAKING a lot of money.



We Sell all these things and​ more check us out I will beat every one on everything we sell.

  • Selling most Audio equipment - and more.
  • Sony TV station cameras 4K and 8K
  • Musical instruments 
  • CDR's, DVDR's pro disc flat white & watershed     in stock and Blue Ray Discs Epson printers, duplicators 1-10 copies. What I have here is not everything.
  • Also a lot of home products at 
  • I don't know who is doing his best to help others as "CHRIST" did & taught. I just have the time to list everything. Woo is me there is nothing I can do except to go to the "CROSS" LIKE "CHRIST" but I'm NOT "CHRIST"!  Should I keep this website? If there is NO ACTIVITY I guess the "HOLY SPIRIT" is telling me to give it up to HELP ANYONE even Churches. Everyone is doing activity as usual just listen to business's that give FALSE & LIE to their customers. I'm trying to make a difference in this Country, Please help me "GOD" I don't know what to do.
  • Kyocera copy machines & printers 21-UP PPM also from Toshiba and perhaps others.  
  • Recording Mixers with effects Tascam 8-32 channels and Zoom from 4-20 channels and WIFI and blue tooth out. I have demo units of Zoom 12 ch. and Tascam stereo recorders to show & demonstrate. With all the things I can sell & how I desire to help people & Churches why can't I help anyone?? My heart is burdened for everyone. I had only 2 sales since December 2019 and things I gave away FREE to a lot
  • of people. But none of them will buy from me. One sale was in 12/20/2019 for a Bible study group man who wanted a computer, sound amp. for it wiring & a color printer. Than my sister needed a typewriter which I sold her 2 weeks before she died. Oh "GOD" help me I don't know what to do now!
  • Call -- 810/686/0299 24/7
  • We want to make a difference in this country.
I have recorded all over Michigan from Traverse City to Detroit from Port Huron to Big Rapids to Grand Rapids all over Michigan.
Bands, Orchestras & Choirs for State festivals. i have recorded also Adult Bands, Choirs & Orchestras. I desire to record your groups too audio or video!

ALL NEW ITEMS discounted Call for my BEST pricing after talking to other dearlers.

Call us and you will be surprised at what we will for you. 810/686/0299 24/7-- leave a message please.


Churches,  missions, School Music Programs, and Christians in Government

Recording equipment, Mixers digital and analog, almost all audio equipment over 10,000 products

and over 4,006 products in the A's. We sell every instrument except a grand piano or pipe organ.

Professional and student models with repair parts and supplies, music stands and many other things.

My special 2 channel cables 50 & 75ft in stock LESS than 2 cables. Custom made cables to any length.

We have 2 Crown stereo microphones $395.00 ea., Micro boards recorder & duplicator/$595.00

We have Mogami 50ft. only $44.99 mic. cables in stock we have 2 channel 75ft $259.00 Many cables in stock

We sell Kyocera copy machines and printers as low a cost/copy 0.006. And soon Toshiba copiers and printers.

Don't lease it's a rip off as you pay TOO MUCH and you can't get out of any lease.

All with local servicing companies who care for you as we do. Were getting certified NOW!

We sell supplies @ 20-35%+ off on MOST ink jet & Lazer, printers and copy machines.

If you want I offer training on equipment you buy from us. I'm in business to serve not to mislead anyone.

Individuals will get NEW Equipment up to 35% or more off.

Churches, Music programs, Missionaries, Christ centered programs & Christians in Government more off.

A NEW Copy machine or Printer. We discount supplies, toner or ink 20% or more.

   We will help you save on everything you buy! Wouldn't you like that? I would.

  Check with anyone and you will see we offer the best pricing of anyone.

We do all things to Glorify "CHRIST" and NOT FOR any credit to us in our life.

Below is a poem I wrote inspired by the ​"HOLY SPIRIT" it is how I endeavor to live since 1985.

Please allow us to help you with any purchase you will not be disappointed!

Milks Audio & Copier LLC  2348 E. Frances Rd. Clio, MI 48420 - 810/686/0299 24/7